We can do family portraiture either in a studio setting or we can do the pictures outside or in the comfort of your own home. 
Here are a few samples of family pictures we've done.
   Cecilia's 2011 Christmas (December, 2011)
   Sam's Second Christmas (December, 2011)
   Windish family  (August, 2012)
    Liam's second birthday (September, 2012)
    Cecilia's 2012 Christmas (December, 2012)
    Maria's family (December, 2012)
    Baby Gray Capurso (May, 2013) 
    Peggy Grumm Family (December, 2013)
    Baby Jaci Capurso (June, 2015)
    Baby Vincent (June, 2015) 
    Alexa's Family (July, 2015) 
    Chris and Lindsey's Family (October, 2015) 
    Claire's Smash Cake (November, 2015) 
    Dominic's Smash Cake (November, 2015) 
    Our grandkids (Summer, 2016) 
    Erika Runkle Family (October, 2016) 
    Lindsey's kids (October, 2016) 
    Cheryl Johnson's Family (November, 2016) 
    Lupton Family (December, 2016) 
    Meredith's Boot Camp Graduation (March, 2017) 
    Julie and Saunak Family 2017 (June, 2017)  

Todd Douty
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