A rising trend among brides is to do "trash the dress" sessions after their wedding.  It's a fun way of celebrating the dress and to tell the world that the wedding dress will never be needed again.  A "trash the dress" photo session doesn't have to ruin the dress, but it can if desired which is why we like to call it "The Day After".  The photo sessions can be a simple photo session on a railroad car at sunset or a photo session in a field of flowers in a morning fog or even some photos in a fountain.  None of these would ruin the dress.  But if desired, a more spiced up session can be done where you totally "trash the dress".  For instance, a photo session in a barn hay mound might render the dress unusable in the future.  A walk along the beach topped off with a swim in a lake or maybe a photo session in a stream with a waterfall is more your style.  If you'd like even yet a more trashy session, photos in the mud or in a swamp will most certainly trash that dress.  Sessions such as these are a lot of fun because all the tension of the wedding is behind you and now it's time to kick back and have a little fun.  The session can be just the bride or it can be a loving session with the bride and groom enjoying each others presence.  Whatever you'd like to try, we'd love to have the opportunity to do your "The Day After" photos. 

   Jennifer and Brad (December 28, 2010 - Shot at Poe Paddy State Park)

   Kenna and Shawn's Trash The Dress session (September, 2014 - Impromptu shoot on their wedding day!) 
   Samantha and Kevin's Day After shoot (October, 2014 - Shot at Millbrook Marsh)  
   Kaitlyn and Shane's Day After (October, 2015 - Shot at their property) 
   Amber and Mark (October, 2016 - Shot at Black Moshannon State Park) 

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