The kids in the house are used to me asking to use them as models as I try out new things.  When they have friends over, the friends better watch our or I'll grab them as models too.  I've learned some nice tricks this way.  Some of my favorites I've done this way are this picture of Meredith or this photo of Raela.
Have you ever thought of substituting the kids' school portrait with something a little different?  We did that this past year and really liked the results.  Here are samples of the photos we did.
More miscellaneous portraits can be found here. 


  Sno-ball 2009
  Gala For Hope 2013

Here's something fun and different!  If you have a special car sitting in your garage that you'd like to see hanging on your wall, we'd love to see it.  We both enjoy seeing a car that someone has put lots of hard labor into so we all can recall memories of days gone by.  Please contact us if you'd like a picture of that favorite set of wheels.  We'll do our best to create something special that you'll enjoy.
Water painting:
Here are some pet pictures we did of our dogs one day in our front yard.
   Toby and Max

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